Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Munchkin Travel Booster: One of the Best Baby Products On the Market

If you're expecting or if you just had a baby, you NEED to have this product by the time your little one is ready for a high chair. It is one of the best and most practical baby/toddler product on the market today. It's the Munchkin Travel Booster. It's a booster seat that attaches to any chair at home or at a restaurant. It even has a built in storage compartment for where you can store water, bottles, snacks, bibs, utensils & more! It even has four legs that fod in for adjustable heights! What more could you ask for in a baby product? Below are some of the key features:
It's sold at Target and some Babies R' Us locations for only $24.99. You can't go wrong. My daughter gets uneasy in a high chair and uses the foot rest on them to stand up and try to get out. With this booster, she can't do that and she stays seated through the end of a meal. Sitting in a chair with the rest of us at the same level must make her feel better and more part of the group. Either way, it has been an excellent product for us.


  1. Hi there, popping over from Mom Blogger's Club. Very helpful review. I have a 16-month old son who is starting to hate his high chair and I've wondered what else I could use. I think I need this! Look forward to stopping by and visiting again. - Portia

  2. It's perfect for a 16 month old Portia. I LOVE it. My daughter is 2 and this is what we use at home, at my mom's and at restaurants. We use it so much we have to get another one!! It's perfect because you can put the food inside and, when he starts eating restaurant foods if he's not already, you can use it as a diaper bag/high chair since you won't need to store food in there. I store 2-3 diapers, some dry snacks, wipes & my daughter's water bottle so it's a booster and high chair in one. Honestly, by far one of the best kid's products around!

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