Monday, December 26, 2016

Flax Pumpkin Pancakes

My sis in law, who is quite talented in the kitchen, shared this yummy pancake recipe that I cannot wait to try! She makes some seriously AMAZING desserts so I know these will be yummy. Give them a shot! And if you need a birthday cake, cupcakes, cake pops...any dessert anytime soon, check out her Instagram or ask her (or me) for pics. She's also on Facebook at Sugarbakes! What she can do with her hands is nothing short of incredible! Thanks for this recipe Angelina!  My brother and Lukie are lucky boys! 😋👊👌
Here is the recipe! She used a 7 grain mix with flax & added a few extra goodies
1 cup mix
1 cup pumpkin purée
1 t cinnamon (not "pumpkin spice" ðŸ˜’)
2 eggs
4 oz yogurt
4 oz almond milk
2T coconut oil
Hemp hearts

Whisk dry mix and cinnamon. Blend wet ingredients together and whisk into the dry just until combined. Use an ice cream scoop, sprinkled on hemp seeds while cooking, flip! And eat.

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